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I’m confident you’ll find my services both valuable and transformational. Get in touch to learn more.


Personal | Professional Development

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is oft times one of the fundamental keys to a fulfilling, healthier life. My specialization will help guide you to acquiring the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and abundant professional and personal lifestyle.


Relationship Coaching

We are all connected to a variety of different types of relationships; romantic, familial, friendships or business.  Healthy relationships don’t happen overnight.  They take work: commitment, trust, respect and most importantly effort.  With my coaching sessions you’ll learn effective communication tools to identify toxic traits, set healthy boundaries and to engage in fruitful connections.


Business Consulting

Ideally suited for government agencies, private and public sector organizations.  Our specialization will help guide you to deconstruct barriers, create equitable processes, train and develop system navigators.  We will work with you to explore challenges, identify relevant patterns, design performance objectives and create alternative and equitable ways to proceed.

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